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Group Bookings

The Prescott is a legendary bar & restaurant in the heart of Little Italy, presenting time-tested recipes and exceptional service. As one of the oldest licensed drinking establishments in Ottawa, and originally named, The Preston Hotel (it stopped renting rooms in 1978), the establishment was re-baptized as The Prescott in 1941. Now an iconic stop on Preston Street, it has been home to family celebrations, weddings, baptisms, and confirmations. Today it is a purposefully retro greasy spoon; an iconic throwback to its days as a public house. Its checkered history is a part of Village lore.

Our experienced team at The Prescott is here to take the guesswork out of planning your next event. Hosting your next celebration with us is easy. With a large selection of classic dishes and drinks, our team will make sure your next occasion with us is unforgettable. Contact us now to explore the possibilities and host your next event at the Prescott.